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High Holidays Tickets 5783/2022

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Thank you for your interest in joining us at Kane Street Synagogue for the High Holidays!

We are happy to be able to once again offer tickets for purchase to guests from general community (those who are not members of the Synagogue) for the first and second day of Rosh Hashanah, for Kol Nidre (on the eve of Yom Kippur), and services on the day of Yom Kippur (which includes Morning Services, afternoon programs, and Ne'ilah at the conclusion of the fast).

Tickets for Guests from the General Community

Prices below are for those who are not members of the Synagogue, and include access to either our Main Sanctuary Services or to the Goldman Services held in the Community Room of the Goldman Educational Center. They also permit attendance to the same services and to any of our Family Services for children ages 12 and under in the ticket holder's household.

Unfortunately, tickets for the Goldman Services in the Community Room of the Goldman Educational Center are no longer available due to room capacity constraints. 
Ages 36+: $250
Ages 16-35: $180
Ages 13-16: $36

Family and Teen Services

Family Services appropriate for families with children ages 12 and under, will be held on each morning of the High Holidays; the on the second morning of Rosh Hashanah, there will be fun holiday activities on the rooftop! Teen Services for those close to, or who have already celebrated their B'nei Mitzvah will also be held on the first day of Rosh Hashanah and on Yom Kippur.

The tickets above are inclusive of access to Family and Youth Services on the upper floors of the Goldman Educational Center for those in our guests' households ages 12 and under (and their ticketed parent/s or guardian/s). Additional ticket purchase is not required for children aged 12 and under.

We also offer a Family Services-Only ticket. This does not include access to our main services, but does allow attendance into Family Services for all members of your household and/or caregivers, to accompany your children aged 12 and under to Family Services.

Family Services-Only Ticket: $175 per family

Optionally, if your household joins the Synagogue as a member by the end of the secular calendar year, any payments made for High Holiday tickets may be used as a credit against your first year's dues, or enroll now, and get admission for as part of your membership!

You can view the current schedule of High Holiday services, activities, and events at

If you have any questions about this form or about our High Holiday services and Family programs, please call us at 718-875-1550 or email

Main Services include the Sanctuary Service, and the Goldman Service in the Community Room.
Family and Youth Services include Mini Minyan, Kinder Minyan, Minyan Noar, and Teen Services.

$250 per person aged 36 or over

Main Services Ticket

$180 per person

Reduced Rate Main Services Ticket (Ages 17-35)

$36 per person

Reduced Rate Main Services Ticket (Ages 13-16)

Family & Youth Services

Family Services are held on the upper floors of the Goldman Educational Center at Kane Street Synagogue on the first morning of Rosh Hashanah, and on Yom Kippur morning. On the second morning of Rosh Hashanah there will be fun holiday activities on the rooftop! 

$175 per family. Includes admission for all children in a household, ages 12 and under, and their parents and/or caregivers. 

Family Services-Only tickets do not provide admission to the Sanctuary or Goldman  Services. If you wish to attend either of the main services, please make a different selection at the top of this form to register for Main Service tickets. Those tickets also include admission for you and your children to Family Services.

Child Details (attending Family Services)

Additional contributions are greatly appreciated, or make your Kol Nidre pledge at

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Sat, October 1 2022 6 Tishrei 5783