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Hebrew School Registration for 2019-20

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Kane Street Synagogue's Hebrew School.

You are encouraged to complete this registration as soon as possible to assist our Director in finalizing class assignments, ordering supplies and books and making sure you will receive timely communications.

As of July 1, this registration will be charged a $100 late fee.

As you will see when completing this registration, you will have two options for paying tuition:

  • Pay the entire cost with a credit card or eCheck immediately, or;
  • Pay by credit card or eCheck in 8 or fewer equal installments, with the last payment no later than December 15. For example, if you register on April 20, and select 8 payments, your first payment will be debited immediately, and there will be a 8 monthly automatic payments until (and including) November 20.

If you have any questions about this form, or submission of payment/s, please contact
Please note: your registration is not complete until we receive either payment in full, or you have submitted a first of a number of recurring payments.

Service Attendance Requirement
As you enroll your child(ren), please be aware that in addition to the weekday classes for children, we also have youth/family services almost every Shabbat morning at 11:00am and will have special services and dinners for families in Hebrew School and the wider community on Shabbat and for Holidays. Additionally we hold youth services during the High Holidays. These allow you and your child a chance to celebrate, participate, and learn with their peers in a setting which is geared to stimulate the awe, wonder, energy and questioning of children at their developmental stage. Please take advantage of these services–they will likely deepen your connection to our community and other parents. We have a minimum number of services we expect children to attend over the year.

By selecting this option, you are committing to enrolling in synagogue membership no later than the beginning of the new Hebrew School academic year. This process should already be in process when you submit this form and payment for tuition fees. Please contact if you have any questions
If you are a synagogue member, current Hebrew School parent, or have previously made a transaction with Kane Street Synagogue, please log in to your account.
This will ensure that your payment is properly credited, and use any previously saved method of payment. If you are a synagogue member, the charge may also be allowed to be billed to your account.
If you have never logged in before, please go to to set up access to your account. Thank you!
Membership Requirement:
If your child is matriculating into Alef (1st Grade) or older, household membership of our synagogue is a requirement of Hebrew School attendance. We ask you therefore, to please complete a Synagogue Membership form to begin your family's enrollment (if you wish to join sooner than August 1, please fill out the membership form for 2018-19). The Membership year runs from August 1 to July 31, and dues payments are arranged with the synagogue office. To discuss your options, please contact
  • By completing this registration, you confirm that you will complete membership enrollment form and pay membership dues if your child/ren is/are matriculating into Alef or older.
  • No child in Alef or older may begin classes unless the family has either paid membership dues in full or set up a written payment plan with a membership ACH form.
  • No child may begin classes unless the family has either paid tuition in full, or set up a recurring incremental payment plan.
If you are unsure of your payment status, or have other questions around your current dues obligations, please reach out to the Kane Street Synagogue Treasurer at

including apartment/suite #

including apartment/suite #

Student Registration

Tuition Fees 2019-20

Hebrew School
Tuition Fee
Tuition Fee
Class Schedule
Roshanim Pre-K $895 $1,300 Thursdays
Gan K $1,115 $1,650 Tuesdays
Alef 1 $1,115 –– Tuesdays
Bet 2 $1,115 –– Tuesdays
Gimmel 3 $1,600 –– Mondays & Wednesdays
Dalet 4 $1,600 –– Mondays & Wednesdays
Hey 5 $1,600 –– Mondays & Wednesdays
Vav 6 $1,625 –– Mondays & Wednesdays
Miftan 7 $1,335 –– Thursdays
Bogrim 8+ $725 –– programmatic

Student Details

Please select your child's grade in 2019-20

If your child has not received all of the typically scheduled vaccinations, as required by NYC Schools, please contact Rabbi Val at to discuss.

Student Details

Please select your child's grade in 2019-20

Enrollment in Roshanim (Pre-K) and Gan (Kindergarten) classes are available to all families in the community. To enroll in Alef (1st Grade) or higher, the student's family must be members of the synagogue. Please reach out to to start that process.
If your child has not received all of the typically scheduled vaccinations, as required by NYC Schools, please contact Rabbi Val at to discuss.

Tuition fees are automatically calculated based on your child's grade. To receive a $100 discount for multiple students enrolled, please check the box below.


By enrolling your child/ren into the Hebrew School Alef class or older, you are also signaling that you intend to complete the membership form and pay membership dues.

Medical Consent, Emergency Contacts, and Image Release

In the event of emergency, I give permission to Kane Street Hebrew School staff and/or Kane Street Synagogue staff, to authorize medical treatment under a physician's care, to hospitalize, provide treatment or give anesthesia to my child, if I cannot be reached, or call an ambulance in case of medical emergency. I also give permission for staff to administer basic first aid.
As you have decline to give consent for medical treatment in case of emergency, please contact Rabbi Val to discuss your options, before proceeding any further with this enrollment.
I give permission for my child/ren registered on this form to be photographed or filmed for use in Hebrew School email updates, printed publicity material, or posted on the Kane Street Synagogue's website or other publicity and publications, without my child's name attached.

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