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Gelt for Kids Fundraiser

A Chanukah Fundraiser

Help us keep Hebrew School and children's & family programs strong at Kane Street Synagogue through the pandemic and beyond

As we look ahead to the light and rededication of Chanukah, we remain committed our children's Jewish education. You can help by making a special Chanukah gift for the children of Kane Street.

Our goal is to raise $22,000, which will help to compensate for financial challenges in the wake of COVID-19.

A great miracle can happen here...with your gelt:

   $36 purchases two new multicultural books for our library
   $100 sponsors Bialy Rock or Tune into Shabbat for young kids
   $180 buys supplies for pre-K students (mini Torahs, Hebrew Alef-Bet puzzles and craft supplies)
   $250 funds learning and art materials for grades K-2
   $360 supports Hebrew supplies and art projects for grades 3-5
   $450 underwrites a Teen Madrich (Hebrew School assistant)
   $500 pays to mail supplies to our students at home
   $750 sponsors Yom Kippur youth services
   $1,000 keeps our Shabbat youth services going strong
   $4,400 funds a teacher, one day a week all year
   $7.500 underwrites a teacher two days per week for the school year


Thu, October 28 2021 22 Cheshvan 5782